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Drilling Rigs - Auger and Air
- Drilling and cementing conductor pipes
- Drilling ratholes and mouseholes
- Drilling pier holes


Skid Steers - Forklifts
- Installing plastic liner to build containment for drilling rigs
- Removing and disposing of plastic containments from drilling sites
- Loading and unloading materials


Vacuum Trucks - Bob Trucks - Water Trucks
- Hauling and disposing of drilling fluids
- Hauling and disposing of pit water
- Hauling fresh water and drilling mud to drilling rigs


Backhoes - Trenchers
- Digging and installing cellars and safety guards around conductor pipes
- Installing storm shelters
- Digging trenches


Dozers - Trackhoes - Motor Graders - Vibratory Rollers
- Constructing locations, lease roads, reserve pits and frac ponds
- Closing and reclaiming reserve pits and locations
- Repairing locations and roads


Dump Trucks - Haul Trucks - Roustabouts
- Hauling rock and shale
- Hauling equipment and materials as needed to job sites






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